Magical World of Dancing Horses

   New 2015    Magical World of Dancing Horses!

Dianne Olds Rossi and her famous Red Friesian "Fire Magic" will be moving into Beaver Run Arena this year along with  "THE MAGICAL WORLD OF DANCING HORSES!"  We will be transforming Beaver Run Arena into a Magical Equestrian Theater. I am so excited this year to be able to have the privilege of performing and working with Dianne side by side in the production of this show.             Pam Buterbaugh   

NEW !  Equestrian Dinner Shows

"EQUIMANIA" Musical Freestyle Show    "The Beginning"

    The "EQUIMANIA" Show had been in production since 2006. We had a full two hour action packed show, consisting of a Drill Team, a Parade of Breeds, Special Presentations and ending with a Great Tribute to the Wild Wild West.  Our DRILL TEAM was NOT like most..... We were  a drill team of a different breed......LITERALLY.  Our drill team was composed of all different breeds of horses and the riders were from all different disciplines of riding.

Our theme for the OPENING PATRIOTIC CEREMONY  was based on, how the United States had come together and was built by all different nationalities, working together to making it what it is today. We showed how all different breeds of horses, and riders from all different disciplines and backgrounds of riding, could work together as a team and perform drills.

In our PARADE OF BREEDS, you learned about  several different breeds of horses. We narrated about each breed as the horses and riders performed to music for you.

In the SPECIAL PRESENTATIONS we had many, very different unique performances. Everything from Exotic/Dramatic to Comedy & Cute to Fast & Exciting.

 Last, our Drill team Performed a great TRIBUTE to the WILD WILD WEST !. They all Dress up in 1800's outfits.  You saw everything from Proper Ladies to Indians and even Saloon Girls !!             In 2015 Dianne Olds Rossi moved permanently from California to here at Beaver Run Arena. We have dissolved EQUIMANIA and have taken on her name of MAGICAL WORLD OF DANCING HORSES!.  


UPEC was a hit this year. The clinicians were Jeff Wilson, Patrick King and Scott Purdum. They presented a great educational clinic during the day and the EQUIMANIA SHOW took over in the evening and put on a awesome Freestyle Musical Performance. Following was a relaxing Dinner/Dance to finish out the day.
If you missed are a few pics of UPEC/EQUIMANIA SHOW 2014


UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLES EQUESTRIAN CLINIC went off without a hitch this year. Our clinicians: Jeff Wilson, Guy Mclean and Patrick King shared lots of awesome education with everyone. Beginning the day with Colt Starting then Lecture/Demos and on to the Group Sessions. They all performed with the EQUIMANIA SHOW in the evening and left everyone wanting more. The audience loved them. This years show was one of the best ever. 
 April School of Dance merged with Equimania this year, giving the show a whole new demention.
  We had a great Military Tribute to a locale fallen soldier., 2nd Lieutenant Christopher Loudon. His mother Sue Loudon gave a beautiful speech about her son. Then Merritt our 18.2 hand Belgian burst into the arena with his rider wearing Christopher's  personal Fatigues.  The tribute continued, including the April School of Dance, the Equimania Driving Drill Team and Riding Drill Team.
 Next was the Parade of Breeds presentation including 8 different breeds of horses.
 Then on to the Special Presentations. To name a few... There was a great liberty performance and Guy Mclean and Patrick King had everyone in stitches with there Performance "Redfoo Twins" and Jeff Wilson, Pam Buterbaugh and the April School of Dance did a beautiful Spainish Theatrical "Bienal de Flamenco".
 The show concluded with a Tribute to the Wild Wild West, performed by the Equimania Drill Team.
 Following the show everyone was invited to a Dinner/Dance. It was a great way to end the day.
We do have DVDs available to buy:
The 2 hr 18 min Equimania Show is $35
The UPEC Clinical DVD includes:Colt Starting by Guy Mclean & Patrick King and the Lecture/Demos by Jeff, Patrick and Guy and Portions of each of the group sessions. This DVD is $15
Deja Vu Memories Photography is selling a full Picture CD of the entire days Events (All of the Clinicial and Equimania Show) for $10
Call if you want to order: 814-246-8221
We are already thinking about 2014!

EQUIMANIA 2012 ! Looking forward to an exciting 2013!

2012 was a great year for EQUIMANIA! Having the opportunity to have GUY MCLEAN and PATRICK KING perform with us in our show was unforgetable. The show is continuing to build and getting better every year. We are working on something special to add to the show in 2013. We will keep you posted. In the meantime I have posted some of 2012 pics of our performances.           

Meet some of our exhibition horses! Starting with our Belgians; Merritt is 18.2 hands tall and has been performing in EQUIMANIA since it's beginning.  The Belgian driving in this collage is Bell. She is 17.3 hands tall and performs in the Parade of Breeds with Merritt in a beautiful musical presentation, showing how you can ride and drive the Belgian.

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This is Chief!  He is a 18.1 hand, beautiful Belgian. He has been in training for exhibition for our show and 2013 was his first performance with Merritt in the Parade of Breeds. He did a wonderful performance!

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These are two of the beautiful Friesians who have performed with us.

Introducing Cadla and Dana. They are Gypsy / Friesian Crosses. We bought them as yearlings and trained them for a year and they debuted with our show as two yr olds.  As they continue their training, each year, they  are getting more and more impressive. 

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Introducing Two of our paints Flair a Black and White Mare and Jadea a Sorrel and white Mare. 

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Meet Casey!  She is a QH mare.  She performs in our Special Presentations in the show and she is a Liberty Horse and a Brideless Horse and she does Cowboy Dressage!

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Some of the "EQUIMANIA" Performances.

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Here are some pics of "Equimania" doing the Opening Ceremonies for the Universal Principles Equestrian Clinic.

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In our Tribute to the WILD WILD WEST Program we have a Stage Coach and three Indians, a Proper Lady, a Calvary Soldier and a Saloon Girl!  Check them out.

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Check out our "EQUIMANIA" Performers for 2011.

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Meet Ka-Ching!  We are breeding Dutch Harness Horses crossed with Quarter Horses and Paints for Exhibition horses.  Our first one was on the ground 2011.  She was born on my birthday June 6th, which makes her even more special.  Her Dam's name is Skipas Tee Jay [Quarter Horse] and her Sire's  name is Money Maker [Dutch Harness] So we named the baby Ka-Ching! She is now under saddle and progressing beautifully in her training. So watch for her in the future!

2012 Dutch Harness Babies

We had two Beautiful babies in 2012. Both fillies. One is crossed with QH the other was crossed with a Paint mare.

                                                               MUCHO DINERO

 We will soon be offering Mucho Dinero for sale as a Cowboy Dressage Prospect. She will be two in June of 2014. She has been played with since she was born. She is progressing beautifully in her training. She does advanced groundwork and moves each part of her body lightly at a point. She is doing lateral movements with ease. She is being saddled and bridled with each session and worked on lots of different obstacles with nice body control and lots of desinsatization. We are now starting into higher level long lining. She will soon be undersaddle.


                                           Spare Change

This is another 2012 Dutch Harness / Paint Cross. Money Maker is her daddy. We named her Spare Change.

2013 Dutch Harness Cross

                                                               ORLANDO'S TWILIGHT DANCE 

This years baby is our first Dutch Harness Cross Colt. He is by Dutch Harness- Orlando's True Dream. He is looking more and more like his daddy every day.

2013 Hackney Cross

                                                                   SWEET LIL HOT SHOT

We also had a Hackney cross colt this year. The Hackneys are Doc's project. We have a stage coach that he would like four fancy Hackneys to pull and he wants them all to be full siblings. This is a long term project. With the birth of this years baby, we now have all four on the ground. The oldest is driving single and double and the next two are well into their training and the newbee is just starting kindergarden.