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Well 2014 was UPEC's 4th year!  We had another awesome group of clinicians. Jeff Wilson, Patrick King and Scott Purdum.  They began the day with each doing Lecture/Demos then worked with a group of student riders then they each had a horse with a specific problem to demonstrate a training sessions on how they would work through it. 

    Following the clinic, the EQUIMANIA SHOW did a full two hour MUSICAL FREESTYLE PERFORMANCE.                Clinician Scott Purdum and his wife Grace performed a beautiful musical freestyle in the Special Presentations and also performing was  clinician Jeff Wilson  with Equimania's  Producer/Performer Pam Buterbaugh doing their musical program 'A CLASSICAL MOMENT, COWBOY DRESSAGE STYLE"     Also the April School of Dance performed with the show for the second year once again adding a beautiful demention to the show. Following the show was a great Dinner/Dance.

We are already planning for 2015!  Watch for details !



Universal Principles Equestrian Clinic Expo                                     "The Beginning"                                            

    UPEC was established in 2011 as an annual event for this area.  The Universal Principles Equestrian Clinic Expo was held indoors, at the Sykesville Ag and Youth Arena in Sykesville Pa. The main concept of this clinic is: No matter what discipline a trainer may specialize in, they are all basically doing the same thing...MOVING BODY PARTS OF THE HORSE.  It's all UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLES.  When you add a "Discipline" it puts a reason to move that body part (a Cutting horse does a sliding stop and roll back to stop and turn a cow; a Hunter Jumper may do a flying lead change to set up for a jump, and so on).  There has been so many people that have missed out on attending a great educational opportunity wth an exceptional clinician just because that clinician does a different discipline then them.  In order to become better and grow as a horseman, we need to OPEN OUR MINDS and take advantage of these great clinicians and what they have to offer. We need to temporarily put aside our own specific disciplines and learn as many training techniques as we can, and study the art and technicality of the movements themselves ...then apply a discipline.  It is very important to us for everyone to get a great education over the weekend and have fun doing it.  We want this clinic to be more on a personal level for everyone.  We want you to get to know the clinicians up close and personal.  The clinicians we invited for 2011 were:

PATRICK KING (Colt Starting)

CRAIG JOHNSON http://www.craigjohnsonreining/ (Reining)

MARK RUSSELL (Natural Dressage)

EITAN BETH-HALACHMY  ( Cowboy Dressage).

     We also offer businesses and organizations Exhibitor Booths for the weekend so auditors can have the opportunity to do some shopping.  We offer a variety of riding opportunities  for Rider Participants.  We have a fun Dinner/Dance with the Clinicians, open to the auditors, exhibitors and participants.  Also the "EQUIMANIA" Musical Freestyle Show does a spectacular two hour performance including the clinicians. 




UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLES EQUESTRIAN CLINIC went off without a hitch this year. Our clinicians: Jeff Wilson, Guy Mclean and Patrick King shared lots of awesome education with everyone.
 They all performed with the EQUIMANIA SHOW in the evening and left everyone wanting more. The audience loved them. Also APRIL SCHOOL OF DANCE merged with EQUIMANIA for 2013, adding a whole new demention to the show.
We do have DVDs available to buy:
The 2 hr 18 min Equimania Show is $35
The UPEC Clinical DVD includes:Colt Starting by Guy Mclean & Patrick King and the Lecture/Demos by Jeff, Patrick and Guy and Portions of each of the group sessions. This DVD is $15
Deja Vu Memories Photography is selling a full Picture CD of the entire days Events (All of the Clinicial and Equimania Show) for $10
Call if you want to order: 814-246-8221
We are already thinking about 2014! UPEC is working on a new format for next year. 
As planning progresses we will keep you updated here and on Facebook/Pam Buterbaugh 






                         ***  Date for UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLES EQUESTRIAN CLINIC 2013 is SEPT 7. ***


UPEC Went off without a hitch!  Was a WONDERFUL weekend. Featured clinicians were GUY MCLEAN , PATRICK KING and JEFF WILSON. Also Participating during the weekend was JASON ZANG doing Colt Starting and JOSIAH BROWN , speaking about the Western Dressage Association. The Clinicians all gave great Lecture/Demos and everyone learned a lot from the student group sessions.

    The Colt Starting was really exciting this year. PATRICK, GUY and JASON showed top knotch horsemanship while breaking these colts. 

    The EQUIMANIA SHOW kept everyone entertained and the cherry on top was that GUY and PATRICK performed with the show. After the Show everyone enjoyed a dinner and great fun story telling by the clinicians. What a great way to end the day. 

I have posted some pics of  UPEC 2012, but if you want to view all the pics that the photographer took over the entire weekend please go to and click on Clients Proofs and put in UPECE and you can veiw the pics. You may also order pics from Jonna. 814-952-9989

   -------------->      We are now working on UPEC 2013 ! Details will be posted as they become official.

 2012 UPEC Clinicians were:  Jeff Wilson - Patrick King - Guy Mclean                


UPEC Clinicians for 2011