Magical World of Dancing Horses

          DIANNE OLDS ROSSI                                                                  Welcome to my World...East Coast!

Checkout what Dianne and Beaver Run will be offering on the East Coast.

  Equestrian Dinner Shows

Dianne Olds Rossi will be based out of Beaver Run Arena while on the East Coast. I am so excited and honored to have her here with us and to be performing and working with her, side by side in the production of "The Magical World of Dancing Horses".  We will  be transforming Beaver Run Arena into a Magical Equestrian Theater.                                                                                                       

  General Lessons    

Dianne will be offering General Lessons out of Beaver Run. Call for Prices.                                        You tell her what you want to work on. She can help improve most any discipline and will work with any level of rider.  


 Throughout the summer Dianne will be offering  "Equestrian Dance" Clinics here at Beaver Run.          

  Call now, to get on her calendar for her to come to YOUR facility and do a "Equestrian Dance" Clinic. She has different formats to choose from. At the end of the weekend each rider will have a finished choreographed program just for them and their horse at their level. What a special opportunity to work   one on one together with Dianne. The last evening of the clinic, all participant riders will come together and perform their program for Dianne and she will critique them. Don't miss this rare opportunity to work under this great American Horsewoman!                                                                                                                                                                                                   At the end of the year, Beaver Run Arena will have a Equestrian Dance Competition/Show.  Anyone who participated in her clinics during the summer can compete in this competition.  Now that you have a full choreographed program, costum and music, it is your time to shine in the spot light!  It will be a fun weekend with lots of awards and everyone will enjoy a Pot luck Dinner Saturday evening at the pavilion by the fire. Come join  us. 

You can also call and request a 'CLINIC MADE BY YOU"  You tell us what type of clinic your facility is interested in doing and we will work up a format just for you.                                                                                                                                                                Call to set up a date for a clinic at your facility or to find a clinic near you to ride in.  

Dianne's Clinic flyers are posted on the NEWS PAGE                         

Perfomance's at Events

If you are having an event and would like to request Dianne and Fire Magic to perform please call for details and pricing.

Contact - Pam Buterbaugh   Ph # 814-246-8221  e-mail -

 LESSONS & TRAINING  by Pam Buterbaugh

LESSONS & TRAINING - Pam Buterbaugh offers riding lessons and  training at  Beaver Run Arena.  She is dedicated to the Education of the horse and rider.  Helping them to create a laungage between them that helps build a special bond and understanding like no other.  Learning how to enjoy and comunicate with your horse in playful ways through lots of fun challenging obstacles and patterns. Soon the rider begins to develop  FEEL and the horse developes LIGHTNESS and COLLECTION. This is your first step in your journey  to becoming a HORSEMAN and your horse a WILLING PARTNER".

  Riding Pam specializes in Teaching PEOPLE  and/or  HORSES in the followingTHE:  NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP METHOD OF GENERAL TRAINING ( from ground to saddle)  ~~ LIBERTY AND AGILITY ~~~  SOFTENING & FINE TUNING THE WESTERN PLEASURE HORSE, the ENGLISH  & DRESSAGE HORSE  ~~  Training horses for - SHOWMANSHIP & COMPETITIVE TRAIL OBSTACLES  ~~  Intensive GROUND TRAINING & DESINSATIZATION for weanlings & yearlings to prepare them for undersaddle ~~  EXHIBITION MUSICAL FREESTYLE  ~~  LONG LINING  ~~  CLASSICAL DRESSAGE & COWBOY DERSSAGE.          If you and/or your horse are looking for some fine tuning in these disciplines, please give us a call.                  One month Horse Training $800 Includes full Board $300 + $500 1 month training on horse and two 1 hour sessions with owner and his horse at end of month.                                                                                                                                                       


Over the years Beaver Run has had many GREAT educational clinics. It is very important to us to be able to offer educational opportunities to the Serious Horseman, who are ready to take their horsemanship to higher level. The clinicians we bring in are Top notch. Some of the clinicians we have had in the past are:

 EITAN BETH-HALACHMY  "Master of Cowboy Dressage"

 MATT McLAUGHLIN "Trainer & Performer of the Royal Lipizzaner Stallion Show"  

MARK RUSSELL "Author of "Lessons in Lightness" The Art of Education the Horse."  

CRAIG JOHNSON  "Craig takes Reining from an event to a set of Principles." 

 PATRICK KING"Horsemanship is a journey...& its a journey unlike no other.  

GENE BROWN  Facebook Gene Brown " Gene has won over 150 National & World Driving Championships"

JEFF WILSON " When you want to do more"

GUY MCLEAN  International Horseman and performer from Austrailia

   Our list is growing every year.  We have also offered some fun different clinics such as MOUNTED SHOOTINGRANCH ROPING and HORSE SOCCER. Below are some pics of some of our past clinics.

EITAN BETH-HALACHMY              Eitan is known for his special brand of Horsemanship known as "COWBOY DRESSAGE" "Each discipline of horsemanship is time honored and recognized on its own. When you combine the Phiosophy and practice of each and add music...YOU CREATE ART !!!       

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MATT McLAUGHLIN                             Matt's dedication to the training of horse and rider is based on Classical Principles of Dressage and Natural Horsemanship. Among many other credentials, Matt spent 7 years as Principle Rider, Head Rider, and eventually Head Trainer for the Royal Lipizzanner Stallion Show.

MARK RUSSELL                           Mark is the auther of "LESSONS IN LIGHTNESS" a great book about the Art of Educating the Horse. "Impulsion which is created through relaxation & flexion means that energy can flow freely from haunches, up through the back & withers then unlimatly through the horses whole body. The horses balance is then able to shift, creating freedom of movement called lightness".

CRAIG JOHNSON                       Craig takes Reining from an event to a set of principles. No matter your riding discipline, applying the principles & concepts of Reining  improve both you and your horses performance and relationship. LET IT REIN !          

PATRICK KING                           Patrick has had extensive training under master horseman Ray Hunt. He also competed in the Extreme Mustang Makeover. Patrick is a man on a mission - to develop solid foundations in horses and riders."Horsemanship is a journey...and its a journey unlike no other. It's all about Personal Discovery, Increased Awarness and Self Discipline".



Jeff Wilson

Jeff Wilson Cowboy Dressage


Cowboy Dressage is the combination of centuries-old classical horsemanship coupled with the Americana of the western horse, together forming a unique partnership. I believe everyone should have access to the highest level of horsemanship they desire to achieve, regardless of the horse they ride, its breed, the tack they ride in or the clothes they wear. That IS Cowboy Dressage.


Cowboy Dressage is a new training foundation that will bring America’s horsemanship to a new level. High level horse training shouldn’t be exclusive to just those who compete…learn the foundation of horsemanship without pressure.


~The next generation of American horsemanship is here!



Guy McLean and his Australian horses have entertained, inspired and educated thousands of people from all walks of life. It is an event for children, families, horseman and the general public not to be missed.