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Beaver Run  Welcomes...                                                                             Dianne Olds Rossi &  "The Magical World of Dancing Horses!"

Dianne Olds Rossi is now based on the East Coast at Beaver Run Arena Punxsutawney Pa. I am so excited and honored to have her here with us and to be performing and working with her, side by side in the production of "The Magical World of Dancing Horses".                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Dianne is also offering General Lessons and "Equestrian Dance" Clinics here at Beaver Run and other facilities.  Call now, to get on her calendar to come to YOUR facility and do a "Equestrian Dance" Clinic. She has different formats to choose from. At the end of the weekend each rider will have a finished choreographed program just for them and their horse at their level. What a special opportunity to work one on one together with Dianne. The last evening of the clinic, all participant riders will come together and perform their program for Dianne and she will critique them. Don't miss this rare opportunity to work under this great American Horsewoman!                                                                                       

At the end of the year, Beaver Run Arena will have a Equestrian Dance Competition/Show.  Anyone who participated in Dianne' clinics during the summer can compete in this competition.  Now that you have a full choreographed program, costum and music, it is your time to shine in the spot light!  It will be a fun weekend with lots of awards and everyone will enjoy a Pot luck Dinner Saturday evening at the pavilion by the fire. Come join us.                                                                                                                                                                

Call to set up a date for a clinic at your facility or to find a clinic near you to ride in.                            Pam Buterbaugh Ph# 814-246-8221 For more information check out the Dianne Olds Rossi Page on this website.All flyers are posted on Facebook/ Pam Buterbaugh or Facebook Beaver Run Arena Wise Horsemanship


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Welcome To the Beaver Run Equestrian Dance Theatre Website                       Home of Dianne Olds Rossi and Magical World of Dancing Horses

Thank You for visiting our website. Our facility is dedicated to the education of the horse and rider. Helping them to create a language between them that helps build a special bond and understanding like no other. Learning how to enjoy and communicate with our horses in playful ways with lots of fun challenging obstacles or choreographing  patterns and adding music. Soon the rider begins to develop FEEL and the horse develops LIGHTNESS and COLLECTION.  This is your first step in your journey to becoming a HORSEMAN and your horse a willing PARTNER.


Our Facility

    Beaver Run has two large horse barns.  Our main barn has a large indoor arena with bleacher seating and 11 stalls, a large tack room and restroom.  Our second barn has 15 stalls along with lots of hay storage. We have 5 pastures, an outdoor round pen and large outdoor arena.  We also enjoy a cozy pavillion with a stone fireplace. We also have limited boarding. We offer:  Horse Training  and/or People Training, specializing in:  Natural Horsemanship Method of General Training  -  Softening & Fine Tuning of the horses body and mind --  Training for the Competitive Trail Obstacle Horse  -  Horse Agility - Intensive Ground Training & Desensitization for Weanlings or Yearlings to prepare them for undersaddle   - Exhibition Musical Freestyle Riding  --  Long Reins  --  Liberty -  Classical Dressage,& Cowboy Dressage - Driving in Harness.

We host several educational clinics each year in these disciplines under some of the top clinicians in the USA. Some of the clinicians we have hosted are:

 EITAN BETH - HALACHMY  -    (Cowboy Dressage) 

 MATT McLAUGHLIN    -   (Classical Dressage)

 MARK RUSSELL  -   (Natural Dressage) 

 CRAIG JOHNSON  -    (Reining) 

 GENE BROWN   -     (Driving in Harness)

 PATRICK KING   -   (Colt Starting & Classical Horsemanship)

 JEFF WILSON   -    (Cowboy Dressage)     

 GUY McLEAN  -    (General Horsemanship)  

 SCOTT PURDUM  -  (Trail & Western Pleasure) 

 DIANNE OLDS ROSSI  -  (Classical Equestrian Dance & Cowboy Dressage Freestyle                                                                  

                                                            YEARLY ANNUAL EVENTS


                                                   GENE BROWN DRIVING CLINIC  

GENE BROWN has won over 150 World and National Championships. He resides in Texas, and he is a very special friend of our family.  MAY of each year Gene comes to BEAVER RUN ARENA and does a two day DRIVING IN  HARNESS CLINIC. Classes consist of: Ponies, Minis, Drafts, Fine Harness Horses, Multiples and Obstacles.  Saturday evening everyone is invited to Dine with Gene at a local restaurant. Its a great  relaxing way to end the first day.


                          MAGICAL WORLD OF DANCING HORSES (Dinner Shows)

Dianne Olds Rossi produces unforgettable two hour Musical  Equestrian Dinner Shows here at Beaver Run. We transform our arena into a Magical Theatre! and set up two Beautiful Party Tents for the dinners. They are Magical evenings you will not soon forget!


                                             EQUESTRIAN DANCE COMPETITION

Our Equestrian Dance Competition/Show is an extremely exciting event here at Beaver Run. All participants will have the opportunity to perform a Equestrian Dance Freestyle Program in our beautiful theatre under spots. We offer 14 different unique freestyle classes some are under saddle and some from the ground. 

 Dianne Olds Rossi also offers Equestrian Dance Clinics during the summer here at Beaver Run of which each participant finishes the weekend with choreographed freestyle programs of which they can use to compete at the Equestrian Dance Competition at he end of the year. Or you can make up your own. Everyone is welcome no matter what discipline or level you are.


                                  HORSEMANSHIP TRAIL OBSTACLE CHALLENGE

Each October we run a two day COMPETITIVE HORSEMANSHIP TRAIL OBSTACLE CHALLENGE  in addition to the Trail Classes and Timed Events we also include a judged MUSICAL FREESTYLE CLASS, WESTERN VERSATILITY CLASS, AGILITY  and a WORKIN RANCH HORSE CLASS. The weekend also includes a  SATURDAY EVENING POT LUCK DINNER/GATHERING and lots of nice AWARDS.






A Little About Doc and Pam

    DOCTOR WILLIAM E WISE VMD is owner of Beaver Run Arena. He has been a practicing Veterinarian since 1973. His clinic is located right beside Beaver Run Arena. His nephew, Doctor Ben Wise is now practicing with him as of 2011.  Doc had a 6 horse hitch of Belgians for several years and did many exhibitions and competed for years at the Farm Show in Harrisburg, Pa. competing in everything from Single - Team - Tandom - Unicorn -  4 Horse and 6 Horse Hitches.  It had been a dream of his to have an indoor facility and in 2004 it came true !

    PAM BUTERBAUGH is Manager and Trainer at  Beaver Run Arena doing the lessons, training and organizing all of the events. She also produces and performs in the "EQUIMANIA" Show.  She has over twenty years of showing in AQHA Circut Shows and has been training horses seriously since 1996. She has had the opportunity to  train under several of the top Trainer/Clinicians in the USA over the years such as EITAN BETH-HALACHMY  ~ DIANNE OLDS ROSSI ~ JEFF WILSON ~ MATT MCLAUGHLIN  ~ DENNIS REIS.   Like Doc... she  also had a dream , which was to ride Musical Freestyle Exhibition which she now has the opportunity to do, in producing and performing in  the "EQUIMANIA" Show.   "To DANCE WITH A HORSE is one of the most BEAUTIFUL ART FORMS I KNOW and I am privileged and thankful to be able to be a part of  it."